As the closing cermony draws a wonderful Olympic Games to close in London it is timely to shift our eyes to the next host city of the summer games, Rio.

It’s almost poetic in that the Olympic torch is being handed from a mature world leader to an emerging leader. 

Economists argue night day as to the value or debt an Olympic Games can bring to a host city. 

That’s like arguing if cars are the best method of transport.  What matters is the trip you’re taking.  There’s no point arguing a car is the best way to travel if you want to go from Gold Coast to Singapore.  

It’s the trip you’re taking that matters. 

Here’s why the Olympic Games are important.  For two weeks it’s about sport.  For at least 4 or more years it’s about growing the city.  Taking the culture, the economy, the planning and the infrastructure to a new benchmark enabling that city to grow their competitive advantage in the global economy. 

There is no better catalyst than an Olympic Games to do this.  

How you do it determines the economic viability of hosting the games.

Here’s Eduardo Paes the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most challenging Cities to manage speaking on the four commandments to their City Growth strategy.  Thanks to

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