There’s two paths to growth & profit.

1. Opportunity exploitation for rapid returns

2. Make or bring real meaning and value.

There’s some key differences in the approach:



: Brands that exploit an opportunity are generally not emotional. The opposite is true. A brand that brings meaning to a customer is highly emotional and highly connective.

Business Model


: The business model for opportunity exploitation will be geared for rapid communication, conversion and extraction. Brands that make meaning will inject time into the customer journey, because it is through the process of time that relationships are built.



: A company driving opportunity exploitation usually practices this on it’s staff first. A company chasing short term profit will see higher staff turnover rates. A company that brings meaning to a customer is likely to have brought that meaning to it’s own team first, thereby creating unified purpose for it’s people. The result of this is low staff turnover.



: Both can create high levels of profit. Only one of those paths can create sustained long term profit; Meaning.

How’s the intersection of your brand, culture and business model? Are you sending mixed messages?