There has never been a greater need for organisations to build a culture that fosters entrepreneurs.  Well, to be more accurate, intrapreneurs.  It is in the minds of these people that your next set of creative ideas will be bubbling.

A typical organisation is interested in driving centralised control.  It’s a very 20th century industrial approach.  Yet, history proves time and time again, that good organisational structure creates space & time for innovation to bubble organically.

Wouldn’t it be so much better (and cheaper) if you’re next breakthrough program, product or service came not from the strategy department but organically from the passion & innovation of anyone in your team? Maybe even from those you least expect? 

So here’s 5 signs you might be killing creativity in your intrapreneurs. 

Do you: 

1.  Make them write a budget?  

Don’t.  Or at the very least the back of a postage stamp should work until it has an element of basic testing. 

2.  Make them write an extensive business plan?  

Don’t.  Let an idea flourish.  Under some basic planning.  Test it and then systemise it.  

3.  Give them a budget?  

At least not a fat one.  Comfort never created anything new.  

4.  Give them a big salary?  

See above. But do establish a reward structure based on the success of the new idea.

5.  Punish failure?  

Place the emphasis on harvesting insight and reshaping teams and ideas if something fails. Complete removal of people leading new ideas because the idea didn’t work will immediately cease all new creative thinking in teams.   

Creative thinking is smart business.  

Is your team thinking creatively on their own?  

What can you do today to make it easier for your team think creatively?