Having worked for an international brand for the best part of 5 years in marketing, and as a creative person, I often felt that the desire i had for trying new ideas was inversely proportional to the restrictions I felt the company placed on me to stay “on brand.”

We’re not quirky, we’re not edgy, we’re not gimmicky, we’re classic, timeless and conservative. I always felt limited in what I could do, to come up with engaging and eye catching creative ideas.

Then a bigwig from international marketing came and talked to our team about staying creative within the confines of “the box.”

What we learned in the few days of interaction that followed was that the box was much bigger than we thought. Often we as creative people, thinking only of our limitations, would create a box for ourselves that was much smaller than the box that was created for us to play in.

I recently stumbled across this link and remembered this little lesson. Here’s 50 examples of staying inside the box – a really big box – full of unexplored opportunities!

McDonald’s Creative Advertising