Here are 6 simple lessons (from both the print & web):

1. People are the best communicators.

2. The message is crafted for a specific audience regarding that place, ie it’s not a fluffy emotional ad selling the region, it’s factual and to the point – yet holds an aspiration

3. Good ads are clean and simple in look and message. In this instance I know where to go if I’m a business owner to get more information

4. The web comms are matched neatly to the core promotional message. I’m not lost in a maze of corporate or government amble

5. Online I get information – lots of it – that information is relevant to a business decision.

6. There is a lot of ways I can get involved with a brand. Not just one formal way of contacting a person, but loads of programs, case studies, events or physical sites where as a business I can get more info or actually set up a business.

Good marketing programs have many layers interconnected through the brand with the ability for these layers to be communicated in different ways.

Just like a good story.