Do you manage your brand with a thermostat or a thermometer?

I was reminded of this simple principle today.

A thermostat measures a temperature and then responds with action to align to a pre determined outcome.

A thermometer measures a result only and does nothing else.

Managing with a thermostat means:

1. You know what your market wants and can craft a brand to meet it.
2. You are regularly measuring your brand against a market ideal.
3. You know what your competitors are doing.
4. You have thought about the past, the now and the future of your brand.
5. You have a team that carry’s out a pre-determined process.
6. You are thinking about the next challenge not catching up with today’s challenge.
7. You are operating with the right technology that is appropriate to your markets need.
8. You are dependable.
9. You are proactive, not reactive
10. You are more than likely going to survive the current phase of the economic cycle.

Don’t just watch the mercury rise. It’s not too late to deploy a thermostat.