Time Magazine recently reported the #1 idea that’s changing the world is ‘Jobs are the New Assets’.

Employers take note, a change is coming, and perhaps not entirely what you were expecting. Yes, in a downturn a job suddenly becomes more valuable, but what type of job?

Most employers are glad the downturn will bring more loyalty from staff. Gone are the days of employees trading off competitive offers in the market place. A job is now something to hold like gold.

But is the job you’re offering a job your employees will want to hold like gold when you come out of the downturn?

Your brand is what your employees will work for. More than that, if your brand is strong, and it needs to be, your brand is what your employees will represent. Do they aspire to be your brand? Do they feel proud of being your brand? Could they articulate your brand? Can they communicate your brand in order to generate sales and chashflow?

When the recovery comes, and it will, will your employees stick around or will they jump to a better brand at the first chance?

Brand owners, now is the time to reshape your brand. Understand it. Ensure it is market desirable. Ensure it is employee desirable. Ensure it is understood. Start communicating it now.

When the recovery comes don’t be caught short.