If you’re a creative person anything like me, then you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like inspiration to motivate you into action. The great thing about creativity is that there’s no end to the number of ways you can express yourself – although new techniques only come along once in a while, tried and true techniques when in the hands of truly creative people, produce new stories that are totally unique and inspiring. Picaso, Monet and Warhol all had the same handful of colours to paint with and Mozart, Beethoven, The Beatles and U2 all had the same 12 notes.

Every now and then you come across creative that’s entirely out of the box. It inspires thoughts and ideas that lay dormant in a creative mind, which may never have come out if someone hadn’t first decided to do something different, and share it with others. There’s two elements of a creative persons psyche that guarantee there will always be new stories to tell. Both inspire us to write better stories, or to invent new ways of communicating the same ones…

1. Competition – whenever we see something new, something different, something that changes the way people live or something that brings excitement or happiness to someone’s life, we can always rely on that little voice that says – “Why didn’t I think of that?” As if you had the ace the whole time, and somebody else snatched it out of your hand. That’s kind of a good way to think! There’s nothing quite like someone else’s great idea to inspire a creative person toward their own.
2. Perfection – something all creative people strive for. Some with greater levels of OCD than others. How often do we find ourselves half way through the creative process, only to wish that in hindsight, we would’ve done it differently? The bar shifts so quickly for creative folk that the latest project is never as great as the next one that’s brewing in our head. I guess in many ways we are always competing with ourselves.
One thing I know i always need is someone around me doing things I’d never thought of, creating sounds I’ve never heard, taking photos of moments I’ve never thought to capture, and telling stories i never thought I needed to hear, until it moved me.
Here’s something that moved me today. The vision, not so much the music. See, there’s always room for improvement 🙂