There is no shortage of ‘new’ in today’s market. New homes, new software, new TVs, new super accounts, new breakfast cereals, new deals, new offers…… the list really does go on.

New is simply not newsworthy anymore. New is boring.

So what turns ‘new’ into ‘news’?

New becomes ‘news’ when it is simple and different.

Two rules.

1. Be simple.
If your product can’t be understood at first glance or in the first sentence, it probably hasn’t been well thought out. Being simple is very difficult. The value in simple is added by taking things out, not by putting them in.

2. Be different.
New doesn’t become newsworthy unless it’s different. Likewise, brands don’t stand out unless they’re different. When it comes to rising to the top of the pack, being the same is marketing suicide.

The next time you are assessing the potential cut through of a product message explain it and it’s point of difference in one short sentence. If you can’t, go back and rethink it (better also see Thunk).