How to Scale Your Business By Leveraging Digital Marketing

You already know just how crucial digital marketing is to the success of your business. But if lately, business has plateaued, or you’re not seeing the conversions you want, your plan may be in need of a little help.

In this post, we’re giving you the top 10 industry tips on how to scale your site, leverage your digital marketing strategy, and get more visitors to your site.

You can’t afford to skip this post.


1. Focus On Quality Link-Building

One of the first steps in determining how to scale your site properly is to look at your link profile. This is affected not just by the number of links to your site, but also by the quality of who is linking to you. 

Ask yourself: who are the bloggers you read when you need news about your industry? There’s nothing wrong with asking them to link to you in a post, and it’s even better if you can get them to write a guest post for your blog – and vice versa!

Remember: more eyes on your page = more conversions, and more traffic, which will boost you in the rankings.


2. Track What’s Working, And What’s Not

When learning how to scale your site, how do you expect to increase your conversions and keep track of popular posts if you’re not constantly analyzing your data?

Look into both professional digital marketing services and programs that will generate user reports. These reports will tell you what pages are your most and least visited, where your visitors are coming from, and where they go when they leave your site (and a lot more.)

Constantly ask yourself what’s working, and what needs improvement: otherwise, you’ll get left behind.


3. Set Serious Goals…

When you’re in the process of leveraging your digital marketing strategy, you need to be sure that the goals you’re setting are in line with your current phase of business.

If you aim too high, all you’ll end up doing is wasting time and resources.

Also, get specific about your goals. Instead of saying, “I want to grow my business” say “I want to create a post about an upcoming public event at my company, and get 50 confirmed online RSVPs.”


4. And Don’t Forget About Deadlines

A good sign of whether or not these goals are truly attainable is whether or not you’re able to achieve them by a set deadline. 

Be firm – and if you don’t make it, evaluate how you can re-adjust your strategy or the goals themselves to make them more realistic.

To keep you on track, make a calendar for daily web content, social media posts, and website updates and tracking.


5. Know Your Competitors

We’re not saying you need to copy everything they’re doing – but if they’re outranking you, it’s for a reason. You need to know what that reason is. 

Spend some time on their sites, evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and ask yourself if your level of direct customer engagement, both in-person and online, is on the same level as theirs. 

Don’t think for a minute they’re not already checking out your site.


6. Do Your Research

You wouldn’t walk into a business meeting unprepared, right?

Well, the same goes when you’re looking for ways to leverage your digital marketing strategy. 

If you’re not up on the latest trends, it’s going to show in everything from your conversions to your website design. 

Spend some time every day doing a little research on the latest news, hot topics, and trends in digital marketing – and add your voice to the conversation by blogging about them, implementing them in your design, or simply passing them on to members of your team.


7. Make Sure You’re Using The Right Keywords

These days, it’s not enough to hope you’ve mastered how to scale your website because you’ve keyword-stuffed your content with the same phrase 15 times. 

In fact, you’ll need to do some pretty thorough keyword research, especially as now, the exact wording of the phrases you use can affect your rankings. 

Also, make sure you’ve included keywords in the headings of your sections, as well as your titles and HTML tags.


8. Work With Influencers On Social Media

To be the best in the business, you need to show you have relationships with the major players in your field. Influencers are people with high social media followings, or known figures, in your industry. 

Working with an influencer is a great move to make when planning how to scale your business. In fact, customers you get through an influencer campaign have a 37% higher retention rate than those you get elsewhere.

In addition to tapping into guest bloggers (as mentioned above) also reach out to social media influencer about them giving you a promotion on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s great exposure – and it’s a guaranteed way to connect you with people already interested in what you have to offer.


9. Move To Responsive Design To Increase Conversions

Obviously, when looking for tips on how to scale your site, you know conversion plays a huge role. 

How can you increase yours?

Look at how your mobile conversions are doing as compared to your desktop ones. Likely, they’re a bit behind. To get more out of your mobile market, make sure your website has a mobile version (or even an app!) and that your full site is equally accessible on mobile devices and tablets.


10. Optimize Your Site Design

Unless your website is intuitive, easy-to-use, and your landing pages are packed with quality information, users are going to navigate away quickly

Remember that the length people spend on your site, AKA “dwell time” impacts how you’ll fare in the rankings. 

When working out ways for how to scale your site, make sure your user experience is on point. Check for broken links, update your landing pages frequently, and make sure your contact information is centrally located.


You Know How To Scale Your Company With These Tricks – Now, Implement Them!

Thanks to this list of the top 10 digital marketing leveraging strategies, you’re ready to make this your most profitable quarter ever. 

Ready to learn even more about how to make that happen – and fast? Get in touch with a member of our team, or just spend some time on our website to learn more about the services we offer.

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