Fancy having your quarterly digital marketing expense funded by the QLD government?

The QLD government is currently supporting small business to work smarter, make the most of online business opportunities and engage with the global economy. 

Grants up to $10,000 are being offered to benefit your expanse into the digital arena including digital marketing and social media, digital content (websites, landing pages, mobile apps and media), digital technology (CX software and CRM). It also includes planning / training with your digital marketing agency (us – Blirt!!!).

Blirt covers all these services and more. We want to ensure all our clients and friends get full leverage and support to advance (a grant is a great way to get there) via Blirt’s expert knowledge. 

If your grant application is successful – the payment will be made directly to the small business (you!) on completion of the project and on presentation of proof of payment for the service from Blirt. 

To find out if you are eligible and how to apply go to:

Please note – all applications must be submitted by 9th December 2016 ( there will be further rounds in March and June 2017).

Check out the ins and outs of Blirt’s digital marketing services and products and pathways to your success here:

Get applying and good luck!!!