How to Build and Grow Your Customer Database

How to Build and Grow Your Customer Database

Looking to make this the year you seriously grow your customer database? 

Look no further than this high-impact list of SEO, content, social media, and digital marketing tactics that will help!

If you’re struggling to rise in the rankings, aren’t growing at the pace you’d like, or just feel like your content marketing strategy needs a change to help you really connect with your target market, then you need to read this post.


1. Create An E-Newsletter

Did you know that email marketing is about 40 times better at getting you new customers than Facebook or Twitter? 

This year, the e-newsletter is one of the most effective ways to build up your customer database.

In an age where so much of content is short and delivered on social media, it seems that more and more customers want the chance to read longer, and more of a variety, of content about a brand and company they trust. 

You can include links to popular products, videos, and images highlighting your services, information about special offers, and even features about customers and employees – all in a single place. 

E-newsletters help to grow your customer base because they’re simple to sign up for, keep your brand’s name in the heads of customers at least once a month, and establish you as an authority in your industry.

You can even send targeted email messages and offers based on a customer’s age, interests, gender, and even what they’ve bought from you in the past!

Also, don’t be afraid to send your e-newsletter, or any other marketing email, a second time if you’ve noticed it has gone unopened. 

Recent email marketing research shows that the effectiveness of your emails increases by 54% when you re-send an email to those who didn’t open it the first time around. 


2. Start a Blog

Did you know that over 60% of customers have made a purchase because of the recommendations made on a blog?

Blogging is a wonderful (and fun!) way to grow your customer database. 

First of all, it’s a great way to ensure that Google and other search engines know that you’re frequently updating your website and posting new content. Staying at the top of search engine rankings is a great way to get customers on your site!

Also, blogging is an awesome opportunity to include keywords in your content that well help draw new markets to your business

Your blog always you to tell potential customers more about your brand and what sets you apart from your competition. You can explain your products and services in more detail. You can include images and video tutorials in your blog content. 

You can even create online quizzes your readers can take to help them find the right product or service you offer.

Don’t just start your own blog!

Also make sure you’re an active commenter on other blogs related to your business. Showing that you’re a part of the conversation doesn’t just establish you as an authority in your industry. 

It also helps other commenters – people who are likely already interested in what you’re selling – find your products and services!


3. ABP – Always Be Polling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a poll on social media or on your website – getting visitor feedback is an essential part of growing your customer database. 

In addition to giving you an insight into how your target market behaves online and what they’re looking for from your brand, you’ll also learn what’s not working. 

You can’t get more customers if you aren’t offering things that people want.

Be sure to also include a write-in section on your surveys so customers can express themselves more freely.

To increase your customers’ incentive to take your poll, offer a small discount off their next purchase, or automatically enter them in a giveaway of your products/services. 


4. Get Active On Social Media

If you don’t have social media profiles for your business on multiple social media platforms, it’s going to be next to impossible to see the kind of customer database growth you need to even keep pace with your competitors. 

Social media doesn’t just help you to connect with your target market – it also helps you to reach potential markets that you might not have even known existed otherwise!

Also, remember that each specific platform has a different user base. Instagram is a younger market, Twitter is for witty banter, and Facebook is for pretty much everybody!

In fact, close to 80% of all active online users have a Facebook account. 

This also means that customers and potential customers treat your business social media profiles like an extension of your customer service department.

You’ll need to frequently check your messages, respond to comments and questions on your wall, and always try to respond to reviews – both positive and negative ones. 

Be sure you’re also sharing your products, videos, blog content, and more on social media account.

Remember that even if only a handful of people share links about your brand to their own social media accounts and pages, that you’re getting thousands – perhaps even millions – of eyes on your brand!

Consider working with “influencers” to boost your brand’s social media clout. These are people with a high number of followers, who are trusted by people who use the kinds of things your business and brand sells. 

Work with an influencer, and you’ll get invaluable access to the people that are most likely to buy your products. 

Finally, one word of warning: be careful what you say. 

Consider working with a social media consultant to make sure that one stupid Tweet doesn’t undo the years of work you’ve spent creating your business. 


Grow Your Customer Database With These Crucial Tips!

Thanks to these awesome digital marketing tips, your website will soar to the top of the search engine rankings, and your customer base will skyrocket as well!

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