Whether you run a marketing department of just yourself or you have a whole team of minions cranking out landing pages, sales funnels, automation, and tracking, there’s always room in a marketer’s toolkit for something that saves time and effort.

Enter Salesforce Pardot, business to business (or high consideration) marketing automation software that takes some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

Salesforce Pardot doesn’t take away your job, it frees you up to do more marketing activities such as lead generation and account nurturing.

Step into the top of our funnel and work your way down to learn about how Pardot may be just what you need. 


Salesforce Pardot Marks the Spot

Pardot us, but we just had to get that pun out of the way.  

Now we can get on to the important information. 

We’re going to give you an introduction to Salesforce Pardot, especially for those small and mid-market Salesforce users who run their digital marketing via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Pardot is an integration with the existing Salesforce Sales Cloud software.  Whilst you can integarte Salesforce Pardot with other CRM’s it’s been optimised to suit Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM).   

Pardot is marketing automation software for business to business or high consideration purchases.  Pardot works really for B2C when the purchase requires interaction with a sales executive in a high consideration purchase such as property, finance, certain areas of travel, auto or education.

It enables marketers to:

  • Exceed lead generation goals
  • Empower sales teams
  • Collect every marketing and sales tool under a single “cloud”

The good news is that there’s nothing additional in terms of Pardot School that you need to know. Salesforce just gives marketers, sales people, and business teams the ability to sell better, monitor their progress, collaborate, and adjust plans on the fly.


Focus on Figures

Sometimes, the numbers can do all the talking that’s needed.

Salesforce Pardot did a study in 2015 that revealed a 34% increase in sales revenue when customers implemented Pardot. Those same customers also saw an average of a 37% increase in their marketing campaign effectiveness.

Some of these customers, listed with testimonials on the Pardot page, include industries such as education, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and airlines.


Salesforce Pardot for Marketers

Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce itself have become such a marketing juggernaut that we rated it number one in our list of 10 best cloud services for booming businesses. 

Why did it take the top spot? Even if you just make use of just a couple of these features, you’ll find out why Salesforce is usually considered the number one customer relationship management tool (CRM for those of us who love marketer alphabet soup!). 

  • Lets you collaborate in real time on a single platform
  • Total and complete lead management customization
  • Cross-platform capability to follow you from the computer to your mobile to your tablet
  • Thousands of apps already created plus the ability to create your own
  • Dashboards that provide insights and reports at your fingertips
  • Knowledgebase of over 300 articles and growing

And when you really get to the interesting details of exciting marketing actions and opportunities with Pardot, you’ll be able to harness the power of:

  • Behavioral tracking (see who clicked where, who spent more minutes on a specific page, who deleted your email without reading it)
  • Real-time activity alerts (find out when your prospect clicked a page, downloaded an eBook, or entered information on a form)
  • Automated lead assignment (no more hot potatoes with sales reps and no more prospects falling through the cracks)
  • Warming up cold leads
  • Closed loop reporting, which attributes revenue to the correct campaign, team, and representative
  • Message targeting, which gives prospects access to unique content that they actually want to read/interact with and feel that is tailored to their needs and pain points


Reality Check

You wouldn’t tell just one side of a story when you’re crafting a campaign, so let us share with you the entire Pardot picture.


Pardot is a Real Investment

When you are ready to commit to Pardot, you’ll need to put your money up front. There are no free trials (as of the time of this writing) and monthly accounts start around a thousand dollars (US).

That figure only goes up though, when you look at the optional features you’d like to take advantage of (so spend some time evaluating what’s available and create a “shopping list” so you can really analyze what tier to sign up for).  Or just chat with us or the Salesforce Pardot team and we can help determine a best fit.

For example, if you want to implement A/B testing, which is when you send multiple – but different – emails about the same campaign or build different landing pages and then compare their results, you’ll need to subscribe to the higher tier ($2,000 a month).


See Your Sales Funnel Come To Life

Whilst there a dozens of features which make life easy in Pardot, there is one report which really brings home the bacon – the The Lifecycle Report. 

The lifecycle report brings alive volume, velocity and visibility in your sales funnel:

Volume – how many prospects are at what stage of the buyer’s journey

Velocity – how long does it take from first touch (ad click, web visit, google search etc) to deal closed and won

Visibility – what are the conversion rates from visit to prospect, prospect to lead, lead to opportunity, opportunity to revenue. 

Really, who doesn’t want to know these statistics for their sales and marketing team!


Sign on the Pardotted Line?

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