There’s no debate about it – digital marketing is a must if you want your business to succeed in 2017 and beyond. Any brand that’s skimping on their online marketing is leaving money on the table. Who wants to do that?

A whopping 80% of people conduct research online before making a purchase. If your company isn’t being found on search engines, then you’re giving away business to competitors. Focusing your attention on SEO is highly recommended.

But more than that, you need to focus on mobile marketing. In 2015, 51% of smartphone users discovered new brands and products using Google. This number is only increasing.

Without digital marketing services, your chances of making your brand discoverable becomes a lot harder. Rather than learning all the tips and tricks yourself, you can hire an expert who already has it all figured out.

If you’re considering using digital marketing services, here’s what you can expect.

Quality Web Hosting

Whatever digital marketing firm you decide to hire needs to offer great web hosting services. Your website won’t perform well if it’s always crashing. You need a server that can handle an influx in traffic with ease.

When your digital marketing efforts start to prevail, you can expect to see peaks in traffic. If the digital marketer you hire doesn’t offer web hosting, you can always find one yourself. Or get a referral to one from the firm yo­u’re working with.

Responsive Website Design and Development

It’s not enough to have just a basic website. You need one that has all the fundamentals, but designed specifically for your audience. The digital marketing company you’ve hired should develop a strategy based on data collected from your target audience.

The industry you’re in will also affect the type of design used. But in any case, a responsive web design is a must. This will ensure any person using any device can access your website. It sure beats having a separate mobile website created.

Plus, Google loves responsive designs, so it can help boost your rankings.

Optimization for Search Engines

In other words, SEO. Without search engine optimization, there’s no you in Google or any other search engine for that matter. It takes a carefully planned strategy to boost your rankings up to the first page of Google.

Both on-site and off-site SEO will need to be used. This includes selecting relevant, low-competition keywords to rank for. Then place them throughout your site and content. Having backlinks from reputable industry-related blogs will also help with your ranking.

Paid Ads

Using paid ads with your organic search strategy is ingenious. Together, you can capitalize on how users search for products and services. The great thing about paid advertising is it yields fast results. You can use this in the beginning stages of your plan.

Then once your organic SEO starts to kick in, your traffic should increase tremendously.

Just make sure your digital marketing company is balancing the costs with conversions. It’s good to have the company working on your SEO to handle your paid ad campaigns.

A Cohesive Strategy

Every aspect of your digital marketing strategy needs to work cohesively together. This is why it’s best to use digital marketing services that are well-rounded. Entrusting your overall strategy to one firm is ideal to ensure everything fits together like a puzzle.

Using multiple service providers can create blind spots – each provider doesn’t see the whole picture, so will lack a complete understanding of your company and strategy. Consider building a close relationship with one firm.

Increased Email Opens

If you hire a digital marketer who is on top of their game, you’ll see benefits like increased email click-throughs. Something as simple as adding social media buttons to emails can increase click throughs.

Email is still the default method of communication between customers and businesses. You need to perfect your email marketing to ensure you’re getting a return on investment. Your digital marketer will know ways to do this.

Social Media Promotions

You can’t deny the power social media holds for brands. Having visibility on social networks can increase your traffic and reach to customers and prospects.

Adding social media promotions to your digital marketing strategy can also boost your website rankings and profits. Make sure the digital marketing services you use implements social media.

Don’t Use Digital Marketing Services that Don’t Have These

Too many businesses fall prey to digital marketing companies that are unprofessional and complete rip-offs. SEO and other online marketing tactics have gotten a bad wrap because of it. You can safeguard your business by staying away from digital marketing firms that show the following:

Lack of Transparency

Digital marketing is no big mystery. In fact, it’s the tool used to solve your biggest plights as a business owner – getting more leads. But if you can’t see what your digital marketing provider is doing, how do you know if it’s working?

The digital marketing firm you use should offer regular updates about the progress of your site and campaigns. You should also have access to the accounts and tools to keep an eye on things yourself.

Lack of Knowledge of Tools and Platforms

As the business owner, you have other important matters to attend to. Your digital marketing provider should vet the different tools and platforms out there for you. No sense in you wading through the sometimes confusing information.

Plus, it’s great to hire a firm that already has tools and platforms they feel are top-notch.


It’s not always easy to tell who you can and can’t trust. But there are telltale signs you can watch out for with a digital marketing company:

You’re given inaccurate data/numbers

Your budget is being overspent

Deals and negotiations aren’t honored

Outdated methods and tools are used

Your strategies and data aren’t protected

Their firm is overburdened with other accounts

Finding Digital Marketing Services You Can Count On

Your business deserves the best digital marketing services it can find. One with a great track record for strategies that actually work.

At Blirt, we offer a line of online marketing services packed into competitively-priced packages. With us, you have a full-service digital marketing firm on your side. This includes website audits, keyword research, digital PR, guest blogging outreach and much more.

If you’re interested in enhancing your online presence, then don’t hesitate – contact us today!