In our tech-savvy world, being a sociable company is not just a right- it’s a must.

To reemphasize what you likely already know, social media is a make-it-or-break-it marketing effort.

This doesn’t only apply to large corporations with actual teams managing social platforms. Small to medium-sized companies can benefit or break from social media.

Finding the right social media strategist can help skyrocket your marketing efforts. Read on to learn what traits you should look for in your next social media guru.

1. They Understand Their Audience

A social media strategist should understand the audience they are speaking to.

For the most part, your customers are going to be the most communicative with your brand digitally. Whoever runs your social accounts must understand their audience’s personality, needs, and concerns.

Your company can find itself in a bad place if your social media manager is unable to resonate with their audience. What one group finds engaging may not strike well with others.

A social media strategist is a face of the company. Make that face approachable and understandable to its followers.

2. They Are Able to Address Customer Complaints

Communicating online can be a time commitment. Your strategist must be able to respond and post quickly and efficiently.

90% of people trust recommendations from people they know. 70% of people trust recommendations from online reviews.

People tend to share negative experiences online. Minimizing these grievances should be a top priority.

A social media strategist must be able to know when customers are unhappy, even if the user doesn’t directly mention you. (There is plenty of free digital tracking software that can assist with this.)

All customers believe that their comments/posts should be addressed on time. When they aren’t responded to, they’re more likely to continue grieving online

Maintaining your digital appearance is just as important as maintaining any other component of your brand. Poor response time or lacking to respond can lead to a 15% customer churn.

3. They Stay Current With Trending Topics

At times, your company should respond to trending topics and other occurrences. A social media strategist must be up to date with what’s going on and able to respond when appropriate.

They should have a clear understanding of what is appropriate for your company to respond to. If something big happens within your industry, you may want to chime in immediately.

Recognizing these occurrences falls align with understanding the company’s target audience. When a situation arises, what are they going to want to see from their trusted brands?

But, a strategist should keep in mind that not all topics require a reaction. As a company, you should respond to topics that are relevant to you and your target audience.

Say, you are a travel agency and a new law is passed regarding flights into your city. They will want to acknowledge this as quickly as possible. Also, they will want to ensure your company’s working to handle related complications.

In less extreme cases, it’s still important to respond when the topic is important to the company or customers.

4. They Are Creative

A social media strategist must use both the left and right parts of their noggin. Left for the analytical stuff, right for making creative content.

Your company has goals it wants to achieve through your social channels. Maybe you want to build awareness, interact with existing customers or increase sales.

The best way to meet these goals is by creating content that is going to be well-liked and well-shared. Going back to my first point again, an understanding of the audience is absolutely critical.

Consider what the audience goes to each social platform for. If the audience is light-hearted, create content that is light-hearted. If they are more serious, you should create content that is more serious (and still engaging!).

Creating content is not enough by any means. Your company needs to create shareable content. This leads me to my next point that…

5. They Understand All Aspects of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a largely related to inbound marketing. This new age effort allows for customers to reach you instead of you hounding them.

The best way for customers to reach you, is, of course, creating compelling content. If you are a true social media strategist, you understand that your job goes well beyond posting.

This person must be able to engage online while still communicating your brand. Also, they must understand how to strategically market your brand.

The content you create and share must coincide with your brand and the image it portrays. It should fall in line with how you want to be perceived by customers.

Coordinating content with your brand’s image will drive the most efficient results.

6. They Know How to Track Online Efforts

As mentioned above, your company can seriously benefit from the analytical software. However, this software shouldn’t be used just in times of crisis.

Analyzing your online performance can help make corrections as needed.

Streamlining your efforts into one platform is a great way to track online performance. Does a certain topic get more shares, likes or retweets than other?

(Hint, hint: You should post more about those topics then!)

Tracking and analyzing success will help highlight areas you are doing well at. Also, it will help you identify your weaknesses for future improvement.

7. They Are Passionate About Brand and Digital Marketing

Ultimately, a social media strategist must be passionate about their company. Combining this with an interest in digital marketing will lead to engaging appropriately.

If someone is truly passionate about the brand they stand behind, it shows. This is true with all marketing efforts- not just social media.

The person with the most digital marketing experience may not be best-suited for the position. You want to consider who is able to communicate your brand’s message most efficiently.

Where to Find a Social Media Strategist and Other Jack of All Digital Trades

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