Culture is simply ‘the way we do things’.

How we come together to get things done is so much more important than the process of doing things. 

In every organisation there are the technical processes and resources PLUS the cultural norms which either enhance or detract from the organisation’s purpose.  

A culture is a living thing – it is a alive through the humanity of the organisation.  Culture only exists where people exist, people drive organisations – not numbers or systems. 

It is important to understand that a great team culture doesn’t just happen and if you have a great team culture it won’t always just stay that way… things change, people change and like any team environment, team’s require energy and effort from everyone to be great.

There will be challenges influenced both internally and external to the organisation; the success of projects, sales performance and the current market environment, new members joining the team, current members leaving the team… with the possibility of constant change it is important for leaders to create a solid foundation for their team.

So how can you do this?


Like any relationship, communication is key.  It is important for staff to feel like they can communicate with every team member regardless of their position within the company. People need to feel like their opinion matters and when they speak, someone will listen. That does not mean that what they say is always right, or will always be implemented, just acknowledgement of what they have to say can often go a long way.


Clarity and alignment around the organisation’s brand and the team’s purpose, vision and goals is important in creating a great team culture. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same thing is essential.


At Blirt we often say a true leader does not need to lead, he/she is content to point the way for their team.  Having a strong leader is important but embracing the expertise and skills of each individual team member is what creates a high performing team. There will be different times when leadership will come from each person within the team, and a true leader will stand up and embrace this.

Monitoring Performance

It is important for a leader with their team to have a way of monitoring performance both individually and as a team.  If each person understands what goals they are working for individually and what goals the overall team are working towards, everyone is working as a team to achieve the same goals.  These goals can also be monitored and tracked in terms of performance to identify any strengths and weaknesses within the team, and to keep track on how best to achieve the overall goals as a team. 

Thank You

Yes, it is sometimes that simple. People want to feel valued and be recognised for their hard work and efforts. A meaningful thank you from their leader can often be more valuable then a gift or bonus, and it goes a long way in creating a great team culture. It can be a verbal thank you, a quick email note if a job has been performed well, recognition at a team meeting… there are many ways of saying Thank you… and leaders should not under estimate the power of these two words.


These are just some of the ways you can start to make changes within your team to create a great team culture.

At Blirt, as we think through culture, our goal is to map the ideal culture which best suits the brand we’re building. As a team, we can then recognise where the gaps are in order to work towards building a thriving culture which is geared towards our client’s needs.