In our business, and I bet yours too, we deal with the need to change beliefs on a daily basis.  It might be a business performance belief, a cultural belief, a product belief or an outcome belief.  

The ability to change beliefs is intrinsically linked to changing behaviour.  Changing behaviour is good when it leads to good outcomes.  The world is full of problems caused by bad behaviour so this is an important science. 

When the problem of belief changing is broken down, there  are only three ways to change beliefs and these are in no particular order.

  1. Present new information in relevant ways.
  2. Demonstrate a contradiction within existing information in a careful, authentic manner. 
  3. Build Groupthink. Create a culture where the belief must or must not be true without objective thinking.

The first two are integrous methods, the last is manipulation.  

Unfortunately, many commercial brands try the third method which is a mistake. The third method is highly effective, until the first two are deployed against it.  The third is a like a giant, it gets big results but the bigger they are the harder they fall.  Just look at this effect on a national scale in Nazism and Socialism in the 20th century or US Property Markets and Sub Prime Mortgages in the early 21st Century.    

The first two methods are genuine, fair and natural methods for belief change.   Focus on these two methods in creative ways.