Use goals to drive the speed and direction of strategy. Don’t let goals act like grenades ticking in a corner until they explode unexpectedly.

Ever been in that situation where half way through a year market circumstances have changed and you know the goals you set 9 months ago for your staff are irrelevant?

Of course you have. You’re possibly there now.

What you need to understand is your team probably knew this well before you did and they’ve been (or still are) sweating on the response you’ll make.

You can do two things. Readjust or do nothing.

Doing nothing is actually doing something. That something is likely to be equivalent to leaving grenades lying about the office and as every day passes it feels like another pin is being pulled. At least, that’s how your team will feel. This leadership decision on your team has a clear and certain outcome.

So what do you readjust? The strategy goals.

Goals are designed to drive the speed and direction of strategy. They’re like gears on a car. It doesn’t make sense to attempt a steep hill climb in a high gear. It is the same in your strategy, as the market changes it feels like you should move up in gears and work faster and harder. But this just makes wheels spin and you stall through lack of torque.

Torque comes from the underlying big ideas in your business.

This is where the brand and the business model intersect. At Blirt, we believe the best businesses build their business model out of their brand beliefs.

The stronger the underlying idea, the torque, the more power to drive teams up hills. Another way to say this, the stronger the brand vision the more ‘oomph’ you’ll get from you team.

Buy in equals build up.

It feels unnatural to slow down to get up a big hill, but that’s just what you need to do. Drop the gears and build the torque.

Slow down recast vision and reset goals.

Goals are gears, not grenades. Use gears to navigate the volatile conditions and do all things possible to not let unrealistic goals blow up teams.