Strategy is wisdom in action.


Wisdom is the application of the knowledge of truth. Action…. well action in this context is applying the insights of truth in creative ways for a specific purpose.

A strategy is when a collection of actions, based on customer truths, all taken together achieve a specific and singular outcome.

Strategy is to be.  

Either a position an outcome or result.  This ‘being’ must respond to a customer truth. 

An organisation shouldn’t have lots of strategies.  You can’t ‘be’ lot’s of things.  But you can and should have lots of action items.  These actions should all lead to the same point.   

What’s that point?  Your strategy.  

Strategy is singular.

Strategy isn’t hard. It’s a single point.

Unlocking the customer truths are hard. Putting actions that respond to these truths in the right order and within the right budget is hard. Getting large teams to agree on these truths and the response, that’s hard.

That’s where egos, personal preferences and ‘pleasing upper management’ have to be put aside for the good of the customer.

That’s really hard.

Strange that it’s often our own attitudes that stand in the way of good wisdom in action.

Get the truth bit right and get the response right and well…. you’ve just implemented a market leading strategy.

Strategy is easy – when you really do know, believe and act on customer truths.

Do you want to see an even more succint answer?

See the clip from Harvard’s Michael Porter: