In a recent article published by Social Media Examiner, they asked top social media professionals to share their hottest LinkedIn marketing tactics.  This article reveals strategies the professionals use to boost their LinkedIn marketing.

The article provides information around their top 9 tips…

1.  Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

2. Add Rich Visual Content to your LinkedIn Profile

3. Implement Influence Networking

4. Offer Value in Discussion Groups

5. Optimise your Personal Profile

6. Tag your Connections in Posts

7. Focus on Small Local Discussion Groups

8. Develop Relationships Instead of Adding Connections

9. Don’t Treat LinkedIn as an Online Version of your Resume 


We thought we would share this information with you to help you strengthen your relationships and improve your LinkedIn profile.  At Blirt, we are strong advocates of LinkedIn in a B2B environment and would like to see our clients get the most out of this useful tool.  

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At Blirt, many of our clients used LinkedIn as just one of their online networking tools and it forms part of their overall social media strategy.

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