You open your email inbox and what do you see? 

A bunch of offers that aren’t even tangentially related to you and your personal wants and needs. As you craft your own outgoing emails to support your business, how do you rise above this and signal your targets that they really, really do want to click “Open?”

Through the targeting, customization, and personalization of CRM email marketing, you open the doors to an actual relationship with prospects. This way of marketing requires putting the brains and creativity you already have to work in new ways. 

Opt-in and read on. 

CRM Email Marketing Is Not Spam

Let’s get this out of the way right now.

In fact, CRM (which stands for customer relationship management – or sometimes marketing) email marketing is the exact opposite of spam.

It’s educated, tailored, crafted efforts to get customers exactly what they want or need (from YOUR business).

In fact, the University of Wisconsin calls CRM email marketing a way to “create highly personal experiences for your prospects.”

What Does It Do?

CRM email marketing puts a lot of power into your hands, including:

  • Conduct research on a specific stage of the customer’s journey (because you have access to all the insights and information along the way!)
  • Calculate all the return on investment of each project, customer, and implementation. Adjust as necessary.
  • Segment audiences and gather intelligence on touch points
  • Aggregate analytics across personas and market segments

What You Should Not Do

Your CRM tool cannot prevent you from doing really bad things.

Things that can make you end up on “Don’t” lists and as memes that will never, ever die as long as the internet is up and running.

So when you’re considering CRM email marketing, don’t:

  • Overload your email with pictures. Yes, it’s great to show products, but consider one click-through image or using hyperlinks. Pictures can bog down your email from opening, especially on mobile or wearables, and that user will be long gone before your bitmaps load.
  • Use a hype or misleading subject line. An example of a no-no would be something overly familiar such as “Hey, you forgot this!” or “Joe said to send you this.”
  • Forget to include opt out or opt in links, as this can get you into trouble with the Federal Trade Commission and its CAN-SPAM act.
  • Bomb your customers. You know how a little absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or how about, you know how annoying it is when that one person on your social media updates his account every five minutes, bombing your feed with junk? Don’t be that company sending those email bombs.

Welcome Them to Your Club


Someone “self-selected” and decided to join your email list, newsletter, blog, etc.

That’s a pretty good lead for doing nothing much except providing good content.

But you need to keep that lead, as well as push him or her down your sales funnel.

You can do this with CRM email marketing.

First up should be a welcome email. 

These are pretty standard, and we all get the emails, but they are still necessary. In fact, they can have a 50% open rate, which is 86% higher than the newsletters you send your fan base. 

It’s not that you’re kowtowing to the special snowflakes on your mailing list. But who doesn’t like to hear thanks every once in a while?

You can even use the welcome email to offer a behind the scenes glimpse at a new product, give the prospect a welcome discount, or let them know what’s in store.

No Going Away Empty Handed

If your company sells anything that people can load into online shopping carts (and yes, this includes services paid for online, too), you know the feeling of someone getting super close to giving you money and then, POOF.

Something happens and the shopper closes out of the window without buying. Gone forever.

Not so much, when you’ve implemented CRM email marketing.

An article from Entrepreneur magazine states that almost 69% of people abandon their online shopping carts, but users who implement “cart abandonment emails” can recover almost eight percent of those sales.

Eight percent is nothing to sneeze at and is definitely return on interest for the efforts you and your team set up with CRM.

These include:

  • A pop-up that appears (on browsers that allow them) as a special small window offering a perk such as a discount, percent off, or free item, if the prospect returns to the cart and checks out at that very moment
  • A follow-up email, in systems that are set up to capture user’s email before they get to the checkout page, also offering perks to come back to the site

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Thinking that CRM email marketing sounds like a match for your business, but worried about everything that goes into building all the infrastructures, such as workflows, campaigns, funnels, and more?

Take a breath, because there are marketing platforms that already exist and provide you what you need to take a running leap in the CRM sea. 

One extremely popular option is Salesforce CRM, which brings you the existing technical foundation to the customer experience. This frees you up to focus on what you do best.

One thing you’re NOT doing by implementing Salesforce CRM or one of its counterparts is being lazy. A CRM tool actually helps you work harder and smarter, all with the goal of complete customer engagement and experience.

Totally Tweaked

If all of the tips, tricks, and tweaks have you feeling a bit peaked, don’t worry.

Let us help!

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