Salesforce is one of the most effective ways to apply methods from every field to elevate your brand. And it’s no secret that using Salesforce opens your company up to new and exciting marketing solutions for its struggles.

As with any software, don’t just take Salesforce at face value. Explore the software and find new ways to harness it toward moving your company forward.

If you don’t play with your technology, you may never know all of the things you can do with it.

Still, this is a lot of work. And as hard of a worker as you may be, spending the 20 hours it takes to learn a new skill could be a waste of time for your business providing very little ROI.

We’ve put together this helpful list of challenges your brand can overcome with Salesforce.

Market to Individuals

You shouldn’t be treating all of your customers the same.

We’ve all been on email lists for websites we bought a beach towel on two years ago, and it’s made all of us less likely to buy anything else from them.

Using salesforce to build communities connecting the right employees and customers will improve your conversion rate and marketing ROI while also keeping your existing customers happy.

And if that’s not enough, Salesforce offers a wide array of marketing services to tailor content for customers everywhere from mobile to social media.

The reason for this is simple: every customer is different.

People hate being treated like names on a list. Instead, they want to be treated like living, breathing human beings with individual needs that your business can solve.

That’s why tailoring the experience of your customer to the individual is one of the most effective marketing solutions out there. It’s simple, effective, and easy with Salesforce.

Know The Future

In order to run a business in the world of data, you need to know how things are going and where they’re going to go.

Using wave analytics with Salesforce can help your business find marketing solutions to challenges that haven’t even arisen yet.

Wave analytics takes advantage of Salesforces’ powerful AI, “Einstein” to help you analyze more data, faster, in different combinations. Using that analysis, you can figure out exactly what the next step is for your business and why.

The data may be complicated. But that doesn’t mean using it has to be. Salesforce may have the solution you need to figure out what to do with all the numbers.

Device-Neutral Marketing Solutions

You never know what device your customers are going to be using.

Using Salesforce, you can face the challenges of today’s multi-device customer with clouds tailored to your business’ needs. Salesforces’ IoT cloud allows your company to directly import data collected from smart devices.

Their app cloud, meanwhile, will allow you to build social and mobile apps for every one of your customers and employees.

If you think about it, the device-agnostic approach of Salesforce is smart given business today. When you take into account the benefits and drawbacks of different platforms and modes of access, you can harness the limitless technology at our disposal to build the experience your customers need.

What this means is that SalesForce allows you to have a great relationship with your customer on all devices, from desktops to dishwashers. 

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of Salesforces’ device-neutral marketing solutions.

Conquer E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a surprisingly difficult element of marketing.

Sending emails that are too stuffy and generic seems robotic, and can be repellent to customers.

On the other hand, sending emails with too much of a personalized touch or focus seems unprofessional. If you want your customers to take your brand seriously, you can’t have that either.

The solution? Use the Email studio included with Salesforce.

Salesforces’ email studio is part of their broader effort to build one-on-one marketing solutions.

In this realm, it will give you an instant edge over your competitors by giving your email campaign the personalized marketing solutions it needs.

Keep Customer Data Safe

The cloud is the most cost-effective and accessible solution for the data needs of businesses of all sizes. But still, too many businesses are rejecting the cloud in favor of on-site management of data.

One of the most common reasons for this is concerns about security.

In the marketing world, security is a particularly big concern. Customer data getting hacked is more than just a tech setback, it’s also an event that will erode the trust of your customers.

Luckily, Salesforce is committed to having a secure cloud. And by and large, Salesforces’ cloud storage solutions are more effective for keeping customer marketing data secure than local storage.

The reason is simple: Salesforces’ cloud storage security is managed by experts at a massive scale. Its cloud platform, Oracle security has a success rate of over 99%.

That means you have one of the most effective cyber security teams in the world managing the consumer data of your business and the marketing data of your customers.

Feel safer?

Other Things to Consider

We think Salesforce is one of the greatest products out there.

But we’d be fooling ourselves if we said it was a replacement for the assistance of marketing professionals.

We provide marketing solutions by taking advantage of the broad spectrum of data generated by using software like Salesforce and putting it context using our expertise.

Things we offer our customers include:

·       Marketing automation using Salesforce Pardot.

·       Our world-class Salesforce CRM development

·       Coming up with the perfect content marketing strategy to match your conversion rate with your customer experience.

If you want to work with us to give your brand the marketing solutions it deserves, let’s get in touch!