One customer to rule them all: New prospect management efficiencies in Salesforce latest connector update.

Pardot has taken another exciting step towards its enhanced integration with Salesforce in the latest Connector Update, which sees improvements to ‘Bidirectional Sync’ and merge/delete functions for prospect data. 

The new trigger function allows users to automatically delete or merge prospects when the corresponding record in Salesforce have also been deleted or merged. This new feature will put an end to scenarios where the Pardot Prospect, whose details have been changed or removed in Salesforce, could still be sent emails or contacted from Pardot. Once enabled, if a prospect is deleted or merged in the Salesforce CRM, the same changes will be made automatically in Pardot, thus ensuring all prospect details up-to-date and preventing test or junk records from influencing campaign measurements.

This new function is available in connector settings, as seen in the below:

The second Connector Update relates to the bidirectional sync, where the most up-to-date prospect data can now be selected as the preferred data source. Previously one platform’s prospect data was chosen over the other, whereas this function allows users to select the latest prospect data to have been updated as the preferred data and is sync’d accordingly on both platforms. 

In order to utilise this new function, Pardot customers using the Salesforce Connector can select “Sync Behaviour” on both prospect custom and default fields (see below).

We see both of these updates as a nod to Pardot’s recognition that users should see parity in data, irrespective of the platform they interact with on a day to day basis. In organisations where the sales teams primarily live in Salesforce and modify lead and contact records, the marketing team can now expect the Pardot database to be up to date without worrying about discrepancies.

This shift represents another step towards platform integration and we at Blirt are excited to see the roadmap unfolding to benefit user experience.

You can read more here on the Pardot Blog

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