Salesforce is continuously optimising and improving their platform to ensure your team can seamlessly build a customer-centric business from marketing right through to sales, customer sales and business analysis.

At Blirt, we are committed to bringing you and your team the latest updates in technology and marketing so your business can thrive. In January 2018, Salesforce released new product updates to Advertising Studio, Content Builder, Email Studio, Distributed Marketing, Journey Builder, and Social Studio.

What does this mean for your business and how your team use Salesforce? We have summarised the key points from Salesforce’s new release to ensure your business is ahead of the curve.

Advertising Studio

Through Journey Builder Advertising your team can create Facebook advertising campaigns within Journey Builder. Build cross-channel journeys that combine email, mobile, and Facebook advertising without assistance. This feature is available to all Advertising Studio customers as an activity in Journey Builder with the January 2018 release. 

Here’s a demonstration of the new product release for Advertising Studio:

Content Builder

Content Builder has just released new features and performance enhancements to improve the way your team builds your email content. Through Content Builder’s updates, you can send live image blocks that change based on the customer, you can set rules for blank content, view the emails HTML, embed links easier, include more web fonts and utilise new content layouts.

Email Studio

The worlds’ best email marketing platform has just gotten better. Email Studio has introduced domain verification, data extension permissions, easier usability and rendered emojis. Email Studio’s updates can further assist your team and brand with managing customer journeys at scale using data from any source.

Here’s a demonstration of the new product release for Email Studio:

Distributed Marketing

With Distributed Marketing from Salesforce, corporate marketers can pre-build personalised customer journeys with Marketing Cloud and deploy them to their partner network. From there, partners can easily manage and personalise these customer journeys.

Here’s a demonstration of the new product release for Distributed Marketing:

Journey Builder Templates

Create new journeys from pre-set templates that have been created for best-known practices. These journeys provide a guided setup, content recommendations and the flexibility to customise journeys for your business needs.

Here’s a demonstration of the new product release for Journey Builder Templates:

Social Studio

Social Studio has been jam-packed with features for the January 2018 product release. Social media marketers can experience updates to the publish calendar, internal processes for post promotions, a better Twitter experience, the ability to hide Facebook posts, comments and replies, PDF post reports, a tool to find top influencers, basic demographic analysis, paid market insights, social account usage and the opportunity to implement crisis management mode.

Here’s a demonstration of the new product release for Social Studio:

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