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What’s a Digital Strategy Health Check?

Do you have Salesforce but can’t get traction?

Do your workflows need attention?

Do you have a marketing automation strategy?

Can you effectively track ROI?

Are you providing a positive customer experience?

The Digital Strategy Health Check is a one-on-one consultation with a Blirt Consultant where we aim to uncover weaknesses inside your business – and solve them, together. This is a free service designed to help SME’s identify where they need to move the needle on their business.

If your digital transformation journey has stalled or you need professional guidance around technology and strategy schedule a time below to get started.

What can I expect during the Consultation?

The purpose of the health check is to understand where your business is having problems inside marketing, sales and service, and how you can utilise certain strategies, frameworks and technology solutions to solve those problems.


What happens after the Consultation?

As a result of your health check, you will have a clear vision on what you need to do in order to achieve your business goals, whether that be increased efficiencies, better cashflow, scaling and Growth or a better lifestyle. You will get:

  • A top 5 problem/solution document
  • Detailed implementation documentation
  • Clear and concise roadmap
  • Clarity in approach




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