Technology has transformed marketing and communications.

The market place has undergone tectonic shifts in marketing and technology over the last few years.

This is why the Small Business Digital Grant Program was developed, to support small business in Queensland with access to digital technologies that will help them succeed in the competitive global environment.

So, what is the ‘Small Business Digital Grant’?

The Small Business Digital Grant provides small businesses matched funding of up to $10,000 for the purchase of hardware, software and digital services.

As per the guidelines, your business will need to show the digital technology or service you are looking to invest in, and how it will expand your business, enhance the digital capabilities and assist your business in being more competitive in the global market.

Is my Business Eligible?

This is what you need to know before you apply:

  • Have fewer than 20 employees when you apply 
  • Have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and be registered for GST
  • Be based in Queensland
  • Have a turnover of $2 million or less in the last 12 calendar months
  • Declare if any owners or directors of the business are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent

Is it Really Worth it?

Most definitely! The $10,000 matched funding allows you to deploy new digital tactics with half the risk.

This grant can be used for content development, specialised digital technology, software, digital planning, marketing strategy development, training, receiving payments and/or selling online.

This grant allows you to discover new paths for intelligent digital customer success, open up new online channels an be the driver of change in your industry.

How can my Business Apply?

The next round of applications is set to re-open mid-2017. Your business is able to lodge its application online at

What could you do with your $10,000 at Blirt?

  • Build a world class CRM through Salesforce
  • Create an app which solves a big problem
  • Launch a new marketing campaign and generated hundreds of leads to close
  • Implement marketing automation and buy back hundreds of hours of time
  • Implement finance automation and simplify your finance management
  • Pay for almost a year’s worth of SEO and rocket your page rankings up the Google rankings
  • …. and so much more. 

Have any questions? Just talk to us here.