Technology, advertising, social media, and the world as seen over the Internet, is a constantly changing, ever advancing progression of new, altered, and innovative. There are advancements happening at such a fast rate, that sometimes it can be hard to keep track and know what is in, what is out, and what is yet to come. This couldn’t be any more real than when it comes to digital advertising: we are entering a new era, and there are a few things you need to know if you want to maximize your business success. 

Creating the Customer Journey

One area that has grown dramatically with the changes in digital advertising is customer data collection. Using specific digital marketing techniques, brands can gather data about a customer’s experience within a specific marketing campaign.  Systems, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics are able to collect and store information including site usage, browsing patterns and history, location, and demographical information.

From there, this data can be used to create customer profiles that allow specifically targeted digital marketing campaigns, which effectively reach the ideal customer and bring in business as a result.  But soon, with this increased level of intelligence, marketers will be able to draw on this information and take it one step further: to craft a customer journey that tells the customer what they want instead of asks them or makes them choose.

This will show up in the form of software that will analyze Google’s data to build segments, which will then be able to target perceived personalities.  From there, the journey begins!  This information will create a customized digital marketing exposé for the customer, which is targeted specifically to them, maximizing their customer experience and maximizing your business success.

To put it plainly, if you want to stay ahead in the digital marketing scheme in 2018, your customer is going to need to have things customized. They need to know that things are catered directly to them and for them; you have to lead them on a journey that integrates content marketing, search marketing, and a whole lot of personalization, completing your digital marketing strategy and their ideal customer experience.

Quality over Quantity

While we are aware of the fact that video is very hot and effective, here’s the truth: people are picky about their videos. Creating a poor quality video, lacking in editing, subpar on graphics, and lackluster in overall visual appeal, arguably won’t get you much further than just writing the words on paper. 

This year will be about quality over quantity. Consumers are bombarded with so much information, ads, ideas, and graphics every day, that at some point, a lot of it gets ignored.  And that is especially true when it is uninformative, thrown together content that lacks quality, information or connection.

Part of the consumer journey is creating content that they can connect with and relate to, such that they then funnel through, relating to your company, and your product and wanting to buy it as a result.  Here’s the other thing: when we focus on quality, we are able to take advantage of new technology that is enabling new advertising options.

Sophisticated technology, such as smart TVs, wearable devices and voice activated digital assistants are bringing with it the opportunity and need for quality, sophisticated ads, essentially allowing professionals another avenue with which to reach and influence consumers. 

Putting it on Auto

Not only are we seeing new advertising options because of advancing technology, but also because of increasing automation.  With growth in automation in cars, home appliances, TVs and mobile phones, it is no surprise that the world of digital advertising is developing in automation as well. 

Not only is this a key factor in the successful outcome of the customer journey you are looking to create, but it is also a key factor in your digital marketing success as a business.  We have witnessed first hand a dramatic increase in company’s ROI by implementing automated systems, such as Salesforce, which not only improves business, but also improves customer experience. 

A big advantage of automation in digital marketing and using options such as Salesforce and its Pardot software is the ability to nurture leads.  Nurturing leads is at the foundation of creating a customer journey and maximizing customer experience. It involves finding the customers who are the ideal fit for your brand or business, drawing them in and generating interest and trust so that they ultimately show intent to buy, before you reel them in and sell them what you are offering.  And yes, with the right software, the right digital marketing strategy and the right automation tools, this can all be done automatically.

As you continue to gain momentum in your business in 2018, check in with where you stand on your digital marketing plans and platforms. And then give us a call to set up a new strategy to help propel you forward through the rest of the year and maximize your business success.