Everybody wants to deliver customer experience leadership.  Some believe they are, many don’t realise they are not and still many don’t realise it truly is within their grasp.

It is possible for any team to transform their organisation through building a world class customer experience. 

I’m going to cover the barriers that hold organisations back, the behaviours leaders exhibit and a summary of the Blirt services to help achieve customer experience leadership. 


The Barriers to Customer Experience Leadership

The barriers to delivering world class customer experience can be overcome across the organisation.  It almost always coming down to four things:


Clarity and alignment from the top that the business is going to execute on great customer experience


The willpower to really do it and stick to a focus on continuous improvement through short term wins and short marketing, sales, service and finance feedback loops

Competency & Capability

The ability to invest in the right things (people competency & systems capability) in the right order.  Rarely does a technology purchase equal an improvement in customer experience.  

However, a technology purchase plus increased competency from a team using the technology almost always increases customer experience outcomes.

In the same way, increasing competency in a team but not increasing capability in systems will almost always put a ceiling on that teams ability to perform.  Great sales teams thrive in great CRMs, for example. 

Then, it’s about defining the behaviours that equip & empower world class customer experience leadership, see more here.


The Behaviours of Customer Experience Leaders

At Blirt, we’ve summarised a host of research down to 6 things great customer experience leaders do:

1. They are purpose driven – they know what they need to deliver for their customer and are brutally focussed on making that happen.

2. They focus on continuous improvement – ‘everybody wins when a leader gets better’ (Bill Hybels, founder of the Global Leadership Summit).  Great leaders get better and help those around them get better.  At Blirt we use the Japanese word ‘Kaizen’ to summarise this principle – simply just do a little better today, what you were doing yesterday. 

3. They collaborate – this always sounds simple but it’s hard to do.  To deliver on the promise of customer experience, the unification of sales, marketing, service through technology to deliver inspirational branded moments at every stage and touchpoint of the customer journey, is really complex.  That means you need to have cross discipline teams.

4. They create good content – content is the oil that fuels movement through the customer journey.  Great content educates, informs, supports, sells and services customers on demand through the customer journey. 

5. They are journey focussed – first principles of sales is to always sell to the next step in the journey.  That’s great journey based marketing.  

6. They are technology adopters – great customer experience leaders know to do more with less means investing in great technology systems to automate as much as possible to empower teams do great, valuable work. 

Achieving world class customer experience is still a personal and professional goal of ours and we hope it’s yours too.  Getting there is possible for anyone with the clarity, commitment, competency & capability.  

The Blirt Services

Here is a summary of how we help organisations overcome the barriers to world class customer experience.

Roadmap the Vision

We help leaders roadmap out a vision and the steps to achieve that vision.  This roadmap is a simple one page plan that bring clarity, alignment and supports the requests for commitment to deliver. 

We keep the roadmap fresh with regular check ins and look to find the quick wins every quarter or half so we can define success.  You can read more about that here (blirt.co/approach)

Build Competency

We provide business consulting services to support the creation of customer experience.  We define customer experience as the unification of marketing, sales and servicing bringing together the organisation’s resources to create inspirational branded moments at every stage and touchpoint of the customer journey.  

That’s why we provide consulting to build people competency in:

  • Customer Experience Strategy 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Research
  • Web Development

Deliver Capability

We provide technology consulting across the Salesforce ecosystem to deliver systems capability.

We deliver skills and services across:

  • Sales CRM, Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation, Advertising & Social 
  • Service Support & Management
  • Customer Communities 
  • Finance Automation and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
  • Custom Business Apps

When all the moving parts come together and are delivered with the customer at the heart of process, it is truly a customer experience transformation project creating better business outcomes in sales, marketing, service and finance. 

Want to know more, you can talk to us here, blirt.co/hello