At Blirt, we see the customer journey like a series of cogs – strategic, moving parts put together to create a dynamic process where value is created and exchanged between you and your customer. The customer journey is a customer focussed cycle that creates value, increases customer satisfaction and reduces the chance of your customers looking anywhere else to meet their needs. 

We shape the Customer Journey through four macro-stages or COGS: 
Contact, Opportunity, Gain and Service.

Contact: the points of contact or reach that enable potential customers to see you as the potential solution to their problem. Are you meeting your customers in the right places? Speaking their language? How easily are you ‘being found’ in their search?

Opportunity: at this step in the journey your potential customer is digging deeper to evaluate and assess their options. This is your opportunity to know their questions and give the right answers. This may be the nudge they need towards choosing you over your competitors. 

Gain: the value exchange for both you and the customer; transaction or purchase. How easy is your transaction process for both your customer and your business?

Service: the customer’s experience of your product or service is a major point of value exchange. This step will impact their willingness to choose your business in the future and their likelihood or sharing your business with their friends, family and colleagues.  

A seamless COGS customer journey connects the disciplines of marketing automation, customer service, sales, product development and digital communication to create amazing customer experiences. We’ll take a closer look at these elements and the role they can play in the customer journey in our next newsletter.

How effective is your customer journey? 

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