VARSITY LAKES, Australia — Blirt, an award winning digital marketing consultancy, unveiled at the company’s new Omnibound KS search engine optimization (SEO) product. 

Designed specifically to give small companies a business-boosting SEO kickstart, the new product includes a strategic mix of auditing, analysis, content creation, link building, and other services.

As an especially affordable way of covering fundamental SEO needs, Omnibound KS has been created to make the impressive returns on investment Blirt has become so well known for even more accessible to smaller businesses. 

With many successful small businesses deriving 40 percent or more of their revenues from SEO-related activities, the new Omnibound KS product will be of great interest to retailers, hospitality specialists, contractors, business services providers, technology products and services and many others.

“We’re proud to announce that our Omnibound KS SEO kickstarter package is now available,” said Blirt founder and Managing Director Stuart Leo, “There’s nothing we like more than helping our clients succeed and grow, and working with small businesses often proves to be especially rewarding. 

Omnibound KS was designed from the ground up to put smaller companies on solid footing with SEO so they can start enjoying the rewards in especially affordable fashion. 

The growth that our new Omnibound KS program enables is already leading to even bigger and better things for a number of our clients, and that is truly exciting.”

According to research compiled by Blirt analysts at, more than three-quarters of marketing and business leaders view the returns produced by investments into SEO as good or excellent. 

That puts SEO well above email marketing, paid search, and social media spending in terms of the results produced for each dollar invested, with leads generated from the organic traffic that follows costing 60 percent less than the average for all others.

The new Blirt Omnibound KS product was designed to give small businesses the greatest benefit from SEO at the most affordable possible price. 

With a carefully tailored mix of services that includes high-quality link building, guest posts, local directory updates, and accurate performance reporting, Omnibound KS makes a particularly powerful digital marketing approach more accessible to small companies than ever before. 

Those interested can learn more about Omnibound KS or any of the agency’s other services at the Blirt website at

About Blirt:
As one of Australia’s leading MarTech strategy groups, Blirt specialises in customer experience, marketing automation, digital communications & full funnel customer engagement to help organisations lead in The Experience Economy.

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