Maybe you’re just starting out using Salesforce Email Studio. Or maybe you’ve been using the program for a few years.

It’s always good to step back and make sure you’re getting the most out of Salesforce.

It provides insightful data to help you make informed decisions, and the tool to execute your data-driven strategy. The benefits to yourself and your company are nearly endless if you know what you’re doing.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of such a powerful tool. Read on for tips on how to get started effectively using Salesforce Email Studio.


Develop a Strategy


Going guns blazing into anything is a recipe for failure. You need a plan.

Before you start typing out email copy, develop a strategy to help guide all your activities. Each email you send out doesn’t exist in isolation. A strategy adds focus and pushes all your email marketing actions toward the same goal.

So how do you develop a strategic plan? One model commonly used in the field of public relations is the ROPES model. ROPES stands for Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation, and Stewardship.




Any activities should be done on the basis of research. Research saves time and money in the long run because you avoid doing things that are ineffective.

If your company has already been using Salesforce Email Studio, you’ll likely have access to a lot of rich data about what email tactics have succeeded or failed in the past.

If you’re just beginning to implement Salesforce, sending out surveys to your email list about their experience with your previous email marketing can bring in information you can analyse.

Salesforce Email Studio gives you various tools to segment your audience and to deliver personalised messages to your most important customers. Take advantage of these tools by conducting the necessary research to find out who to target and how best to make an impact with those specific groups.




Based on your research, set some goals and benchmarks that you want to reach via your marketing activities.

These can include decreasing your bounce rate, increasing page visits, increasing sales or any other metric you think can show your progress or lack thereof.

When writing objectives, be specific about the magnitude, audience, and timeframe. Rather than say “decrease my bounce rate,” say “decrease my bounce rate among mobile site visitors by 10% by December 31st.”




Programming is what you actually do for your marketing activities. In this case, writing and sending out emails is your programming.

Again, your programming should be based on your research. What you include in the emails and how often you send them out should be based on previous data analysis.




If you’ve correctly written your objectives, you should be able to easily measure how effective your email marketing activities were by the end of the set timeframe.

If you meet or exceed your objective, your activities were likely effective and you should continue down the same positive path. If you didn’t reach your goal, it’s time to reconsider the work you’re doing.




The stewardship aspect of your strategy is about showing gratitude and establishing long-term relationships with your customers. It’s easier to keep a friend than to make a new one.

How will you use Salesforce to keep your customers coming back? Will you send an automated “thank you” message after a purchase? Offer access to a rewards program or future discount?

Considering stewardship in your strategy allows your strategy to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

Once you establish your strategy for using Salesforce Email Studio, it’s easier to keep all your email marketing work focused with a long-term perspective.


Create Relevant Content


If you want to get the most out of Salesforce, you’re likely integrating your email marketing, social media presence, and website publishing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

The common thing that stretches across all platforms is content.

Content is King. 86% of organisations are using content marketing. Content is what gets people on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and your emails to click to your website and stay there.

Content is vital on many fronts. You need content for both technical SEO reasons as well as for establishing relationships.

The key that opens the door to your potential customers is content. It informs them, answer their questions, and otherwise helps them. Strong content establishes your brand as a trustworthy authority on the subject.

Plus, content simply fleshes out your email. Without it, your email would be pretty barebones.

Whether it’s a blog about current events, an instructional video, or a fact-rich infographic, content is what makes your emails worth opening. The research you did when developing a strategy should give you some guidance on what specific types of content your audience wants to see.

Before you send an email, you need to create content to feature in it.


Give the Customer Something


Too often marketers focus too much on the bottom line and making a sale. They become overly eager and skip to the sales pitch too early in the process.

Rather than building relationships, the companies only want to push products. When this happens, they sound self-absorbed and only care about getting your money. The messaging becomes “Me, me, me!”

But the customer doesn’t want to hear about you. Someone with a limited or non-existent relationship with your company doesn’t care that you want to make money.

The customer cares about the customer. They have their own needs, goals, and desires. If interacting with your message doesn’t benefit them, they won’t waste their time with it.

Using Salesforce Email Studio to shove a glorified ad in the face of a potential customer is an egregious misuse of this tool. Email automation opens so many doors that basic advertising cannot.

Above all, it allows you to give the customers something of value.

Maybe it’s informative content that can help them solve a problem. Maybe it’s a special discount code as a thank you for being an email subscriber.

Put the customer first. The result of marketing should look like a benefit to the customer, not to the company.


Get More Out of Salesforce Email Studio


Salesforce is meant to make things easier on you by integrating your work into one simple platform. But we understand if learning a new tool is a bit overwhelming.

That’s why Blirt is here to help. For more tips on how to get the most out of Salesforce, visit our blog today.