How can you use data to connect with your ideal customer?

Here, we’ll discuss how targeted traffic is informed by user data – and how it can get you sales. 


Data: The Base of Targeted Traffic

Now, it’s easier than ever to evaluate how your content marketing strategy is faring.

You’re able to get specific, to target your ideal market and audience, and connect with them on blogs, social media, and even in the comments section.

With all this information, finding the best ways to continually drive traffic to your site should be easy – but to really harness the power of content marketing, you need to understand the importance of data in delivering the ideal visitors to your site. 

What is data? How is it collected? How is it analyzed?

How can it help to make sure your ideal customer finds you online?

Let us show you how to harness targeted traffic using the power of data.


Know Your Worth

Larger companies have spent over $4 billion on advertising in a single year – but you don’t need to fork over that kind of cash to get serious results.

Before you can connect with targeted traffic, you’ll need to determine your CPA (cost per acquisition.) In other words, what is the amount of money you need to get one conversion on your webpage?

Some basic math (relax, it’s going to be fine.) If you spend $200, get 200 visitors, and 4 conversions, you have a 4% conversion rate. That means your CPA is about $40.

Basically, think of it as taking you about $40 to get a sale on your site.


Know Where Your Targeted Traffic Is Coming From

Data tells you a lot about your target traffic – and what they were doing before they found your page.

Since studies show that the average adult spends about 20 hours every week online, chances are that your visitors didn’t go directly to your website. 

First of all, determine your most popular “landing page” (ie, which page of your target traffic is being directed to.)

You’ll also be able to tell where your visitors are coming from – social media accounts? Other websites? Links embedded into your other blog posts?

This research will also help you figure out whether or not your targeted traffic (AKA, the people you want to be buying your products) are seeing your webpage.

Then, use the analysis of this data to…

  • Make sure that your most popular landing pages contain great, informative content, links back to other pages of your sites, keywords, and even links to your social media accounts
  • Confirm that you’re consistently adding more content and building relations with the websites that most frequently direct targeted traffic to your website
  • Connect with websites that are similar to others visited by your targeted traffic, and focus on giving and receiving links and clicks with one another


Harness The Data Of Social Media 

According to recent research, 78% of the world’s population has a social media account, with Facebook being the most popular platform. You know what that means: if you’re not using social media to mine for data and connect with your targeted traffic, you’re already behind your competitors.

You can use social media to…

  • Figure out what trends and topics your targeted traffic is talking about (tools like Twitter Moments are great for making this easier.) For a more direct connection, Twitter’s Tailored Audience feature allows you to upload the email addresses of, for example, your newsletter subscribers and find their social media accounts
  • Connect with your targeted traffic on a specific social media platform, and use the data provided by the ad programs of these platforms to learn more about what your ideal customer does online
  • Find out who the most popular users on social media platforms are…that also love your company and brand. Users with lots of followers (AKA “Influencers”) are worth reaching out to and proposing a sponsored post. Lots of eyes on your content, with an authentic feel to it (not to mention a sense of trendiness!)
  • Streamline your advertising and targets posts across a variety of social media platforms. If one social media account is bringing traffic to your site, imagine what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest could do working together!


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Mobile Data

According to recent research conducted on internet trends, 51% of Americans access the Internet through their mobile phones. 

This means that if you’re ignoring your mobile data of your website’s targeted traffic, you’re missi ng out on a pretty huge part of your visitor base.

Plus, taking a closer look at the mobile traffic to your website by the numbers can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to really invest in mobile advertising for your website.

It can also…

  • Help you determine if your website is mobile-friendly
  • Assist in the creation of a more ideal mobile site (especially when it comes to mobile landing pages)
  • Evaluate how fast both your mobile or “full” site are loading when accessed over cell networks and connections
  • Figure out how to optimize the mobile experience of your targeted traffic. 

Ask yourself: are my mobile visitors have a web page experience that’s markedly different on a phone than it is on a computer? Am I taking advantages of all the features that a mobile site can offer? (We’re talking about automatic downloads, fast redirect to any mobile applications you may have, and a redirect to social media handles.) 

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to get serious about the effectiveness of your mobile web page when it comes to its ability to influence and connect with your targeted traffic.


No More Missed Connections

Now that you know how to use the awesome advantages provided by data and its analysis, it’s easier than ever to drive targeted traffic to your company’s website. 

Still, if you have more specific questions, need a certain service, or just can’t seem to get the webpage results you’re looking for on your own, book a consultation with us. We can help you to develop the most effective way to connect with your ideal customers.