Here are 5 Simple Principles to Apply in Your Content Development to Drive ROI


1) Engage Within The Headline

Customers are exposed to a myriad of digital ‘pieces’ every hour of every day. You have a limited opportunity to gain a customer’s attention and encourage them to read on. There must be value in your headline for the reader whom you want to convert to customer to read on . . . 


2) Know The Why and Who 

Why are you engaging these customers? What do you want to achieve in your campaign message. And the who? Look at your analytics – the information you have on your customers and what they are saying, from all of your sources and programs.


3)  Produce Concise & On Point Messaging

Your message when relaying your customer focused message, needs to be ‘short and sweet’. Online customers are more selective in what they will read. Digital media customers are not going to want to read through large paragraphs of text.

Be focussed on delivering your message in small sharp chunks of information that can engage and encourage the customer to read on. Use white space to break up the message and to make the delivery of information seamless. 


4) Include a Call To Action 

You do not want the readers of your Content Marketing to stay readers. You want to convert the readers, you want them to purchase your product or brand to satisfy ROI. 


5) Analyse   

Use your Marketing Automation program to assess the generated results of the campaign. If it is not working, rework it. Digital media allows you the freedom to change things more easily if it is not working to secure the results you need. 


What To Do Next?

At Blirt we help clients in the Salesforce ecosystem find, nurture and grow more customers.  We use CRM data, lead nurturing, content management tools and clear reporting to help you maximise your digital marketing efforts. 

If you would like to see an improvement in paid, earned and owned media, talk to us today.