Understanding trends is just the first step in mapping your roadmap to success in a fast moving market. That’s why we’re sharing the 10 practical digital marketing trends of 2017 so you can get traction now!

Digital marketing is crucial in sustaining and growing a successful business.

Technological advances increase the opportunities for you to reach your target market online.

It is important to know what the digital marketing trends are for 2017 so that your business can take advantage and be optimized for success. 


Digital Marketing Trends

1) Partnerships

One way to attract a wider market is to partner with other companies.  Partnerships can be formed through:

  • like-minded ethics,
  • location,
  • common customers, or
  • real-life friendships. 

Whether through an affiliate program or co-marketing efforts, having your company’s brand out on more digital platforms means a greater reach for you. 


2) Online Public Relations

It is important to establish your expertise in your industry. One way to do this is to use sites like Medium and LinkedIn Pulse. 

Articles that appear on these types of platforms often provide a greater reach by utilizing their already established user base. Regular contributions on these sites can increase your potential client’s perception of your expertise and level of engagement within the industry. 


3) Visual Platforms

Most people are visual learners. 

Images increase traffic, engagement, and conversion. Digital marketing trends are overwhelmingly leaning towards more visual content. 

Colorful, relevant images help convey a story and they appeal to the need of gathering information quickly.  

So, if your company isn’t utilizing Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat, it’s time to expand your visual presence. 


4) Social Media Marketing

In addition to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, your company may want to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, and others. 

Your customers and potential customers are using these sites to not only connect with friends, but to learn about products, evaluate a company’s mission, and ask questions.    

Plus, by regularly interacting with people on social media, you provide your loyal customers a greater opportunity to share your brand with their friends. 


5) Conversion Rate Optimization

This is all about improving the experience of your website. By improving the user experience, you increase the rate in which people act.  

This is different than SEO and just as important.  

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) requires attention to design, content style, user behavior and psychology, and making decisions based on the experience of the user. 

CRO often requires testing, in that you produce a couple different websites, landing pages, or product pages and ask people to select which version entices them to engage or purchase. 

Ways to improve CRO include using: 

  • video,
  • infographics,
  • screenshots,
  • live streams, and
  • buy buttons. 

As digital marketing trends go, attention to the whole user experience is growing in importance. 


6) Content Marketing Communities

Creating content marketing communities often come from identifying and growing branded niches and vertical communities. Again, going back to the user experience. 

By bringing like-minded customers together via a digital platform or tool, you are creating a sense of belonging, of which help build loyalty and engagement. 

The goal is to create a space where your customers are engaging with each other around your brand.  You can do this by: 

  • creating special events and using social media to promote it,
  • host a question and answer session with key people in your organization,
  • run a contest, 
  • invite users to share videos of them using your product or service, or
  • creating a members-only area on your site or social platforms for people to connect over the brand. 

However you decide to create community among your consumers, it will pay off. 


7) Mobile-First Ready

Google is currently transitioning to a mobile-first web index, meaning that it will be ranking sites by mobile content instead of desktop content. 

For your company it means that now is the time to check the responsiveness of your website theme.  If it is not responsive, you will need to switch to a responsive theme or invest in someone to create a separate mobile site for you. 


8) The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everything that is connected to the internet. 

This can mean your television, car stereo, coffee maker, alarm clock, electric toothbrush, HVAC, security systems, media player, automobile, and of course your cell phone and computer. 

Everything that is connected to the internet is collecting data. For the consumer, this can help with the overall user experience by anticipating your needs based on habits. 

For the marketer, this means an opportunity to tailor campaigns to individuals and in real-time.

This increased personalization is a huge currency for increasing conversion rates and building brand loyalty. 


9) Big Data

So, with the increase of data coming from the use of everyday items, comes the importance of big data.  

Large data sets provide companies with information needed to make the best decisions in reaching their target market.  Big data informs: 

  • what day and time to post to social media?
  • which social media outlet to use,
  • what social benefits matter to the consumer?
  • which headlines capture greater attention,
  • the rate in which people use their product or service,
  • how long people watch a video

As our lives become more automated, the use of big data to drive digital marketing will only increase. 


10) Native Advertising

Native advertising means a paid advertisement that is constructed in such a way that it appears in form with the platform’s style, brand, and content. 

People don’t generally like being sold to. However, people do like learning about new products and services. By making advertisements feel seamless to the site where they are being viewed, the user picks up on the content and not the fact that it is indeed an ad. 


Take Action

We live in busy times with an ever-increasing amount of companies seeking our attention. And there is no end in sight for digital media.

If anything, this segment of technology will only continue to grow.  

For companies that want to connect with their customers and potential customers, it is imperative to utilize digital media and do so with the consumer in mind. 

Creating and delivering a comprehensive digital marketing plan is not simple nor easy. But by focusing on these 10 digital marketing trends, you can find a place to start.  

Or talk to us and just start here.