Social media is full of pithy business advice in memes and ‘wanna be’ business gurus.  Most of this is utter rubbish.

Every now and then the best business advice comes from the most unlikely source – streaming tv.

Here’s a clip from the TV Show “Billions” that condenses years of Business University in 25 seconds.

Pre-text: Damien Lewis plays a Wall Street Billionaire.  Malin Åkerman plays the wife who has recently started a business on the side.

Great business advice, terrible pillow talk!

Here is the text version.  Read it, understand it, execute it in your business:

Axe asks Lara:

“What is it you do that you’re the best in the world at? You offer a service you didn’t invent, a formula you didn’t invent, a delivery method you didn’t invent. Nothing about what you do is patentable or a unique user experience. You haven’t identified an isolated market segment, haven’t truly branded your concept. You need me to go on?

So why would an investment bank put serious money into it?

I all but told you that ahead of time, but you wouldn’t listen.

Now you’ve heard it, but it’s too late.




Question: How does your business shape up against this simple review of a scaleable business?

Source: Billions