The world of digital marketing in three words… competitive, empowering, effective. It’s the formidable force in modern day advertising. The engine driving today’s businesses (big and small) into a new realm of customer engagement. But yes, at times, it’s challenging.

Understanding why and how digital concepts work is essential in helping your business overcome the often confusing and frustrating process of blindly navigating through online marketing campaigns.

A question we are frequently asked is; should a business bid on its own brand name when it comes to AdWords and pay per click (PPC) campaigns? What’s the trick? What works better- Branded or Non-Branded keywords? Or should you budget for both?

The Difference Between Branded And Non-Branded Keywords

Branded Keywords:

A branded keyword (as its name suggests) is literally your brand name, or some variation of it. Searchers that have already heard of your brand or business usually use branded keywords. They’re searching for you specifically for more information on what you have to offer.

Non-Branded Keywords:

Non- branded keywords usually describe your business’s product or services. For example sake lets look at Blirt. Our non-branded keywords could include; brand creation, coming media or marketing strategists, but not specifically the word/brand Blirt.

For Digital Campaigns, Do Branded Or Non-Branded Keywords Work Better? 

A lot of the time, businesses choose not to include branded key words. Cost, and already ranking naturally for brand terms, are the major deterrents. But there is a lot to gain from using branded key words in AdWords and PPC campaigns. Here’s why.

Branded Keywords Will Improve Your Quality Score

Google is constantly measuring the quality of your ads. The more relevant Google thinks your ads and key words are, the better your overall quality score is. So what’s classified as a quality ad? Relevance. And how does Google determine the relevance of your ad? Through your keywords. Branded keywords are highly relevant to search terms and naturally come with a higher quality score. So why should we care about our quality score? Basically, a higher quality score can lead to better ad positioning and lower prices. It can also lead to more impressions and a lower cost per click (CPC). A quality score will impact your account as a whole and improve its quality in the eyes of Google.

Branded Keywords Help You Stay Ahead Of The Competition 

Your competition is within their right to bid specifically on your branded terms and steal your traffic. As unfair as it may seem, that is the nature of the industry as it stands. So, even though you may organically hold top position for your brand terms, competitors are still able to position ads above your natural result and divert your audience away. To keep yourself ranking in the number one position, you need to make it harder and more expensive for anyone trying to steal your traffic. Hence, businesses should be bidding on their own brand name and terms.

Branded Keywords Will Increase Your Click Through Rate

As we mentioned above, holding the number one spot on Google (naturally) is great, but it doesn’t mean you are generating the amount of traffic you may need/want. Paid ads act as a deterrence and can maximise your click through rate. Introduce a branded ad to your campaign and you are more than likely going to own that real estate (for lack of better words). The connection between a paid and natural result, helps the searcher narrow down what they are looking for and will give you a better outcome. Own your space!

Think Of Branded Keywords As An Investment 

A little investment can have a huge benefit to your campaign. Compared to other search terms, your brand terms are usually quite cost friendly. Buy them cheap and reap the rewards. You’ll have more visibility, control and interaction with your audience and a reduced CPC, all while promoting a professional and consistent brand message.

Pardot And Salesforce Will Help With Adwords And PPC Campaign Tracking 

Pardot is a marketing automation software tool, revolutionising the way companies communicate key messages with target audiences. It’s used to acquire better leads, nurture prospects and ultimately improve  close rates. It’s a means to monitor, track and manage all digital marketing activity.  

Pardot has an Adwords connector, allowing you to view and manage your campaigns as well as track all your prospects and leads generated from unique key words. You can effectively manage your leads through lead scoring and lead nurturing sequences, maximising your efficiencies and the ability to monitor all prospect interactions in one central location.

Still unsure on whether branded key words are right for your business? Have a look at what your competition is doing. Is anyone currently bidding on your branded terms? Are you losing traffic from paid advertisements steering people away from your number one spot? Our advice is to do you research and don’t be afraid to secure your Google real estate.

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