When it comes to running an effective and profitable marketing campaign for your business, there are a lot of fine details that can be the catalyst for success – or the crux of your downfall.  When each of these components are efficiently implemented and managed, the result is a B2B marketing campaign that generates good fitting leads, which successfully churn out customers who walk away with an exceptional experience.  Not to mention, companies who walk away with a profit in return. But first, you have to nail down those details.

Introducing Automation

If you find yourself already spending money on marketing, but not seeing the results in return, you are not alone. Consumers are exposed to anywhere from 400 to 4000 ads per day, and most of them go largely unanswered, get skipped, or go on ignored altogether. This is why, when it comes to advertising for your company, you need to have an edge, and it’s got to be more than just a catchy slogan. You need to have systems in place that cut through the clutter, catch that person who you almost lost, and grab the attention of the consumer who may otherwise look away. And having systems – including things such as engagement programs, email drip campaigns, and customer journeys – translates to automation, implemented using software, such as Salesforce. 

You can think of it as a domino sequence, where, when you initiate action A, it automatically initiates Action B, which leads to C and so on.  From a business and marketing perspective, this means you never miss a beat: you have systems set up to automatically allow marketing to happen and as such maximize the audience you reach and the efficiency and effectiveness with which you reach them – and maximize the ones that turn into paying customers as a result.

Why you Should Care about Nurturing Leads

When you automate your marketing systems, you can turn your big marketing campaign into a customer-oriented sales funnel, whereby the customer is drawn in and funnelled all the way down until the only outcome that makes sense for them and that they want to complete, is a sale. This is the process of nurturing leads, and is a key component of successful marketing plans and automation patterns. 

When it comes to working on your lead nurturing, you can think of automation as being the driver of the car that is taking your potential customer (your lead) all the way through the path (nurturing them) to the end.  At the end is where they buy your product or service – and walk away with a memorable customer experience due to the great driver (your business and campaign)! In other words, automating your B2B marketing and focusing on lead nurture is what is going to drive your success as a company, improving your ROI and reaching your business objectives and goals. 

Implementing your Solution

If you find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed, however, we understand: business owners have enough responsibility without the addition of managing automation.  Instead, let us take over this task for you. We are a registered Salesforce consulting partner, keen to help you with your marketing campaign through the use of Salesforce Pardot.  Pardot is the automation software that we can implement into your business to deliver a strategic digital and content marketing campaign including things such as drip campaigns, marketing and sales funnels and personalized customer journeys. From there, we’ll work with you to understand how you can leverage digital marketing to scale your business.  At the same time, we’ll help you learn about the best ways to grow your business through marketing automation, learn how to improve your online SEO and offer you valuable sales tools and tips. 

Ending with Success

Let’s take a second and put this all together: your B2B marketing strategies have been less than stellar and can be greatly improved by the automation of your marketing (think automatic emails, tactical lead generating, and planned digital ads). Doing this allows you to nurture leads: find the people who could benefit from your product or service and who are a good fit; generate enough interest and trust in your brand that they become engaged, and then hold onto them long enough that they show intent to buy. From there it finishes with you coaxing them over the edge and having them buying your product or service.  This all happens in a strategic plan from start to finish, that can be implemented automatically and that can see you offer a customer experience that is professional, efficient, and performed by experienced experts. 

Remember that you deserve success within your business: you have worked for it and put in the time, are passionate about what you are doing and know what you want.  You are good at completing a lot of the tasks within your business, but reaching out to others who are proficient in the areas that you aren’t is the best way to grow, learn and develop. That can all happen when you commit to employing B2B marketing automation strategies such as Salesforce and Pardot. Collectively these will help generate and nurture leads, improve your customer experience and leave you with profitable business growth. We’re here to help, so contact us today and together we’ll make it happen!