How To Integrate, & Other Property Portals Directly Into Salesforce CRM

Property portals push a lead via email directly to a nominated email address when a potential purchaser enquires on a listing within that portal.

If the advertiser has entered the sales agents details into the listing details this lead will go directly to the agents inbox for action.

Sometimes, actually many times, this lead does not make it the CRM platform and ROI tracking is lost, automation opportunities are lost and direct response or customer support is lost.

For property or real estate businesses it’s important to flow your leads directly from your portal listing directly into your CRM.

You can then

  • Report on ROI for property portal spends
  • Activate automation programs such drip programs, re-marketing or cross channel advertising
  • Round robin leads if appropriate to a group of agents and ensure the right lead goes to the right sales agent
  • Leverage any of your CRM automations to better service and deliver a higher quality customer experience.

This post is written principally for Salesforce CRM users who want to pull leads directly into their CRM from, or other property portals.  


The Good News

It is possible to route property listing leads from or other property portals directly into Salesforce CRM with some fairly simple customisation.

Our Salesforce development team can typically turn this around within the week of order.

How does the functionality work?

  • Listing in REA / Domain or other property portal fires off automated email with lead details
  • Email is directed to Salesforce Sales Cloud email address, not the agent email address
  • Email is machine read and prospect is check against existing Lead / Contact records.
  • If the email exists in the database on lead/contact, then it creates a task and emails the task alert to the insert. The task holds the enquiry data.
  • If the email doesn’t exist, then it creates the lead record and stores the data from the email on that record.
  • If the user is not found in salesforce user table, a fall back default user is used.
  • Assignment rules applied as per specification of client.
  • A sync to marketing automation can occur if required and assignment against Campaign for ROI.

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