If you’re still doing the plain old vanilla keyword strategy for your SEO, then you really do need to upgrade to content marketing.

We meet many small to medium businesses who are just doing the very basics with their SEO.  However, there is SO MUCH opportunity with just a little bit more effort. 

The SEO world has really grown up into content marketing and, like all good marketing, there is both an art & a science to this. 

Watch this, it’s only 64 seconds and it might just be the beginning of a new future:

Wow, that was fast.

So, What Are The 8 Steps?

1. Set clear business goals that you can link your marketing activities to.  These goals should affect the business metrics.  

2. Articulate the persona or personas of your target audience. 

3. Build wonderful content that helps those people through the customer journey, using your carefully selected keywords in the most appropriate manner.

4. Do a thorough audit of your content and website so that you can understand where the opportunities are to improve.

5. Apply great technical foundations through fixes of technical issues on your site which will be identified in the audit.

6. Build contextual content and links off your website so Google will like to send traffic to your website and your search rankings will rise.

7. Design simple and easy opportunities to convert prospects (like this handy marketing ROI calculator)

8. Then, nurture your prospects with great marketing automation so that if you prospect hasn’t bought yet, soon they will. 


Easy, Right?

Well, if that’s all too much for you, then talk to us.  It’s what we love to do.  In fact, it’s pretty much the foundation to our Omnibound CM program.