The Often Forgotten Principle of Sales & Marketing

It is an arresting statement;

“Double two points in your sales funnel and you will quadruple your sales!”

There are literally hundreds of things a digital marketer will work on during a campaign, so finding the ‘big rocks’ or the things which really shift the needle in the business is often hard. 

Great strategic marketing is about isolating these needle shifting levers and then hacking your way to growth by improving them.

This informative 5 minute video demonstrates the simple sales & marketing principle of doubling two points in the buyer’s journey quadruples sales.  During this video we’re using our Digital Advertising Calculator to demonstrate the principle.  Feel free to use this calculator to run your own scenarios.

If you double your efforts on your landing page and double your efforts on lead to sale conversion, you will quadruple your sales. 

How?  Watch this video…

Stuart Leo, Founder and MD, Blirt

Stuart is the founder and Managing Director of Blirt – passionate marketer, brand strategist, MarTech devotee and leader of the team at Blirt.  

As one of Australia’s leading MarTech strategy groups, Blirt specialises in customer experience, marketing automation, digital communications & full funnel customer engagement to help organisations lead in the experience economy.